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Customize this Package

When you request a quote, you can tell us exactly what you want to see in your final video. That helps us figure out how to give you what you want for the best possible price. If you like the price we provide, we'll develop our official plan. 

100% Coverage Guarentee

With 4 people, we can do a lot. We always have 2 cameras rolling and 2 people assisting them. This allows us to be so efficient, this package comes with a Coverage Guarentee! We won't miss one moment of your important day and if we do, you get a 30% refund.

Standard Package

More Gear, More Coverage, More Memories...

The biggest difference

between the basic and standard package is the amount of coverage. You can now request things like pre-ceremony coverage and guest interviews. See below to learn more.

More Coverage Options

Before you receive your final product, we will post a 2 minute trailer of your wedding online. You can get a glimpse of what we captured and share it with family & friends! 

Online Trailer

We will arrive early and catch all the moments leading up to the ceremony.


Your big day is crazy and its hard to hear from everyone. Our interviews guarentee that you will hear from everyone you care about!

Guest Interviews

This package features the following high end gear:

Crystal Clear Quality

2 Sony FS700 4K Cameras

1 Sony A7sII 4K Camera

Ronin Camera Stabalizer

Phantom 4 Drone

We put these on the couple during the ceremony to make sure we see and hear the most important moments.

Wireless Microphones

Zoom F8 Audio Mixer

We use multiple mics throughout the day to make sure we capture it all. This device records all those mics together so we can combine the best shot angles with the best audio angles. 

Beautiful End Product

You will receive your video in a beautiful DVD case or on a sleek little USB drive.

DVD Cases

USB with Digital Copy

For more options visit

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